Monday, February 15, 2016


My friend Marco has been talking about it some, and not to shabbily, I might add, for a politician. When we know not just intellectually but really that God loves us and we're not alone, it spills over. And peace is the state of having loved and been loved. You don't lose anything when God loves you. His love is like a storm that doesn't destroy, but builds up.

I used to be the guy who spent a lot of energy trying to make other people feel comfortable. I'm pretty good at it. Yet all the while, I myself had no peace. Trying to give peace without having peace is a waste of time.

The basic prerequisite for peace is acknowledging that we are not God. Peace is the firm conviction that God is sovereign over our circumstances. When we act in that conviction, we really begin to change the world, as God's children and instruments.

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