Monday, February 15, 2016

Stop Freaking Out About Trump

National polls are discernibly tightening. Rubio is catching Cruz. Bush and Kasich voters have to go somewhere. Even though The Donald is winning 35 percent in each state, that's about where the ceiling is. You can't win a nomination with 35 percent, or even 40.

Pat Buchanan won 4 out of the first 6 contests in 1996. He didn't come close to the nomination.

I not only believe Marco Rubio is the best choice for the nomination (and the presidency), I think he'll actually do it. The age of social media has amplified the rage, but also the fretting. We usually get it right, and we will again.

I do think we should continue pointing out Mr. Trump's lack of character especially, because it has done lasting damage. We are now legitimizing speech and behavior that is appalling. We're becoming desensitized. It's one thing to destroy pretension; it's quite another to destroy decorum and civility.

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