Friday, February 05, 2016

When He's Right, He's Right

In an otherwise totally sensible piece detailing why Ted Cruz has no chance of becoming president, a writer at The Daily Beast cited Cruz telling an audience, "It's not the law of the land," in reference to the decision legalizing gay "marriage." A violation of the natural law has absolutely no moral force. It wouldn't matter how popular that decision became, or how normal homosexual activity became, it would still have no force, in the same way that the Dred Scott ruling was null, or Roe v. Wade.

People should say, "I believe children should have their rights violated at the whim of adults," or, "I want our society to die off as a result of our sexual decadence, and fear of our properly-functioning bodies." That's what people actually mean when they say, "I'm for marriage equality."

I'm not for marriage equality; I am for marriage. I am for telling the truth. If you push me, I will concede that I am for tolerance, in that I don't see the wisdom in punishing every violation of the moral law with the coercive power of the state. But credit belongs to Senator Cruz for telling the truth. If you want to fault him, you might say that he gets as angry about marginal tax rates as he does about attacks on marriage and family. But he's right this time.

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