Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Calling My Name

I remember the day Jesus called out to me from the altar. It is possible in theory to believe that every attempt to celebrate the Supper is a valid and equally fruitful one, at least until Jesus, in a Catholic church, tells you in fact you are wrong. But that's another story.

A non-practicing Catholic friend has gone to Mass with me the past several days. How bad is our catechesis? Well, when the Church's children think that the state of grace and keeping the commandments is something only priests and nuns do, we have a problem.

More than that, though, who is Jesus? To our great detriment, it is possible to know exactly who Jesus is, and why that's important, but make a gravely sinful choice, from weakness or other fault. Yet it must be said that knowing who Jesus is--having faith, in other words--makes everything easier.

My brethren, why do we start with the stuff that doesn't matter? The first and best answer to the question, "Why do you do what you do?" is, "Because Jesus Christ loves me, and died for me."

I remember when the Lord called out to me from the altar. I remember wanting to forget all the questions and debates, and to go up there and consume Him. I thought today, "I think Jesus is calling out again, to my friend." I'm praying that God is using me. If I can remember how simple it was--that Jesus wanted me to come closer--I can be of use. If we make it complicated, people default to what they understand: "rules," "guilt," and, "I grew up Catholic, but..."

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