Thursday, March 03, 2016

Hunger And Thirst

A friend gave a talk on the Eucharist last night. There were many interesting and informative aspects, but I realized--as I sat there unexpectedly moved by the love of God--that I wanted the Eucharist. And perhaps more than receiving Him in Holy Communion, I was thankful that the Sacrifice of the Mass is offered so widely. For it is the sacrifice of Calvary, re-presented. It's not repeated; it's offered so that we may stand at the foot of the cross, offering our love and all that we are as best we can. It may be the last two coins we have, so to speak, but we will offer them.

"For they offer it for themselves, and all who are dear to them, in hope of health and well-being." I understand why the priest says this. Our small gifts given to God rain down blessings upon everyone we know. It simply must be the Sacrifice of the Mass Our Lord was thinking of when he said, "After I am lifted up, I will draw all men to myself."

I must continually improve my dispositions, and my attention, at Mass. Many people we love may be drawn ever closer to God through us.

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