Monday, March 07, 2016

Personal Jesus

It's often hard to be contemplative right in the moment of receiving Holy Communion. I need the moments after, and even then, my ability to focus is questionable.

But it means something that He wants to be with me, and I with him. I tell him every day that I am not worthy to have him come under my roof, and yet he does. Suppose we are all Zaccheus, hoping to catch a glimpse, but Jesus wants to stay for dinner. I think we have no idea the love waiting for us.

When you put it in a biblical metaphor, you get "wedding" or "endless party." That tells me that we lack the ability to describe the joy that awaits, as if youthful revelry is a pale shadow of what we're made for.

It fits. The most fun I've had the last 5 years is in celebrating the chance to receive the sacraments. Those sacraments are pledges of the future glory.

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