Wednesday, April 27, 2016

CCC, 2354: Pornography

I'll just leave you to read it, and think about it. Most of our movies today, though they may not be obvious examples of the subject, come very close to it, even if they are not. I'm not here to piously lecture anyone; the things that get people mixed up in pornography are varied, and it purports to fulfill real human needs, not simply for pleasure, but for connection. It's difficult to connect with real people, and the virtual world never says, "no."

You can get help from my friend Devin Rose, if you need it.

It does sadden me that it's so common. If Jesus took on human flesh so that we could have abundant life, how great is that life so many people are missing?

On the positive side, what glorious vistas of deep friendship and communion with God and others await us on the other side of this snare?

All you saints of God, pray for us!

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