Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Contested Convention

One of the glorious aspects of a contested convention is that we don't actually have to answer the question, "Does voting for Ted Cruz constitute necessary self-loathing, or an indefensible self-hatred we should not entertain?" He really is terrible, though I would still reluctantly vote for him, if I had to.

I'm pleased that the delegates can choose whomever they like, once indeed no one has a majority. They should use it. I would be enthusiastic about Rubio, of course, but also Kasich. I don't believe that Kasich's comments on religious liberty indicate that he's an enemy. He may not want to fight the culture war, but he's not on the other side. That's all I need to know.

Cruz absolutely cannot win. He says things no potential president should ever say, but he gets a pass from his fellow evangelicals. The swing voters will crucify him, though if he's half as pious as he pretends, he'll welcome it.

I still hope that he is pandering, and he isn't as naive as he seems. But that dishonesty is exactly why he isn't the presumptive nominee.

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