Tuesday, April 26, 2016

If You Could Change A Destiny

Suppose circumstances forced you into a situation where your character were revealed. For some people, it's acute physical danger to someone else. There is no time to consider carefully. You are either the person needed in that moment, or you're not. It need not be so extreme, however. We all potentially face little tests like this every day. (So long as we are granted another day to live, there is still time to become what we are not, if we fall short.)

The movies have it backwards, though. It's not the decidedly evil man who turns to good in the crucial moment who should be most celebrated. It's the man who's steady as a rock, who goes on doing the right things that he's always done, who should be. Heroism in anything takes practice.

If your whole life were distilled into one moment, what would it say about you?

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