Sunday, June 19, 2016

Leap of Faith

I've blogged about this Kenny Loggins album before. But I had a new reason, when Spotify took one of the tracks off the album. I was kind of mad. Anyway, I went to iTunes, and sure enough, if you want the song, "If You Believe," you must buy the whole album. So I did.

I'm not given to fideism; that is, to believing without a reason or reasons, so it seems odd to draw insight and titles from pop singers, and angsty Lutheran philosphers. And Kenny won't be everyone's cup of tea. He was always on the sentimental side, and this is the last album he did that was conceptually (and theologically) coherent. He got New Age-y after this, and that won't do anyone any good. Still, this album is pretty great, 25 years later. [Yikes!--ed.] Yeah.

Anyway, aside from the insightful greatness of "Conviction Of The Heart," I was struck by a few lines from another song called, "Now Or Never." He sings in part: "And tell him that love is why we're alive/That's what I tell the world I believe/So why can't I listen to me?" There's a struggle worth having, a struggle worth winning.

We recall that agape or charity is the highest love, and it's a gift from God. Indeed, it is one of the theological virtues, along with faith, and hope. So we can be led astray by the way we or other people use the word, "love," but all human loves, if they are true, lead and point to the divine love, which makes us friends with God.

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