Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Now I Have To Say Something

You could find some good here, if you wanted to. Overall, if I may, however, I find it self-indulgent, self-flagellating nonsense. The shooter wasn't even a Christian! What exactly are we supposed to be apologizing for?

Here's a few things in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Though I would love to find out what "unjust discrimination" means in this context, I have no problem assenting to these paragraphs. I know one thing for sure: currying favor, and attempting to placate people who don't know what they want is a fool's errand. Christian, you don't need to be "dialoguing" with anyone who thinks "Homosexual practices constitute sin" is functionally equivalent to murder. There is no apology I am required to offer for my existence, and for upholding the traditional Christian teaching on sexuality, and there is nothing good to be gained from saying, "I'm not like those Christians" unless you intend not to hold the traditional Christian teaching. Really stop and think about the possibility of scandal; that is, introducing doubt, confusion, or encouraging dissent about a matter of faith or morals. One can do that maliciously, or unintentionally.

Of course, dear Christian, consider that your separation from the Church that Christ founded is likely the reason why you have to use silly phrases like, "theologically conservative Christian" in the first place, and why that ground may be gone before anyone notices.

There is a time to stand in solidarity with non-Catholics and sinners of various sorts. I don't think we should do it with blog posts like that one.

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