Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Rain Down, Rain Down, Rain Down Your Love On Your People

I made some of you cringe. Good. You're now reading my blog, which was of course my plan all along. But I didn't intend to scare you with the alleged "spirit of Vatican II." No. I just want to tell you it was raining buckets on the way back from Mass today. And that's wonderful, of course. Though it is potentially far less wonderful in a wheelchair. A power wheelchair. I wouldn't expect any electrical danger, but of course the more significant risk is that the chair stops working. They plan for rain when building them, but still. My Quickie P-222 SE came through like a champ. Seriously though, if you're going to be a cripple caught in a downpour, get a Quickie.

Pretty sure you can't buy my specific chair from the company anymore, but I'm sure the countless middlemen still carry it.

Maybe you'll like this James Taylor classic instead.

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