Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Trump Doesn't Represent Me

I got pretty emotional in thinking through writing this post. I flat-out don't like Donald Trump; I don't live in the thought world where he is a viable option. This man mocks women, the disabled, and ethnic minorities. He doesn't make sense when he talks, and time reveals that he has no idea what he's actually talking about. He revels in his own ignorance. I actually suffered through the primary debates, and I wondered how someone so manifestly unfit could have made it this far. I guess people have learned to reflexively defend anyone on their side, no matter how absurd the notion. That makes me saddest of all.

I'm supposed to say that of course Clinton is worse. Perhaps she is, at that. But I find I don't care. What good has it done, supporting these Republicans, anyway? Abortion goes on, along with the destruction of the family, gay "marriage," rampant gun violence, religious bigotry, and a host of other problems. If my social media feed is any guide, so-called "conservatives" have nothing but selfish rage underlying whatever opinions they hold. Even if some progressives really are using the power of government to make certain views unpopular, what if there is no philosophy to which we return?

It's not that there is no harm in Clinton winning, but ask yourself: "Is this an election I want to win?" I say, "No!" Donald Trump is evil; he deserves to be repudiated in no uncertain terms. How did we get to the point where we have accepted all of this as the price of doing business? No, I will not.

We at least used to be able to say--despite whatever moral flaws in the philosophy of government there were--that we had intellectual rigor, respect, and good faith in the offering of an alternative. What'll we say now? What can you say?

Jeb Bush recently said you can't insult your way to the presidency. Reluctantly, and with much trepidation, I hope he is right. I doubt I could convince most people to follow my way of thinking. But however you would describe my vision, it isn't this. I still think this is right, and to accept Trump is to give tacit support to all of it. Not me. Not today, or any day.

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Christopher Lake said...

He doesn't represent me either, Jason-- and I admit that I am struggling with seeing so many kind, thoughtful, serious people of faith (Catholics and others) falling into line to actively advocate for him. I get that Hillary is terrible on so many issues. I can't bring myself to vote for her. I also can't bring myself to support Trump-- not even to stop her from becoming President, as much as I dread the thought. Ultimately, this seems to be turning out to be the year in which I reach the realization that I want to be more Catholic than Republican, or even, anymore, conservative (Trump being none of the three, but I digress).