Friday, November 11, 2016

Ain't No Shame In It

I have taken my title from Will Smith's remake of "Just The Two Of Us." This particular version has Will Smith encouraging his oldest son Tre, and giving him advice. This song gets me every time.

But that's not why we are here. The full quote is, "And you can cry/Ain't no shame in it."

Why are we mocking people upset about the election? I'm upset about the election. I had no overly fond preference for either one, yet even so...

Have you ever poured your heart into something, with everything you are, and it fails? It's tough. That doesn't even cover it. But that's what people are feeling, at least part of it. You could say that people shouldn't put so much of themselves into a finite thing, but for one, that's easy for some of you to say, and we forget in our cynicism that politics is actually important.

I will thank God if the new president is not an unmitigated disaster. I also won't be either surprised or sad if he resigns in disgrace. For my part, I was bound to be despondent either way.

We get it: sensitive, sheltered liberals can't handle reality. (I feel like a jerk, just typing that last thing.) Before you gloat too much, realize that you may have voted for a sociopath and a fascist. I hope I am exaggerating, but I don't assume I am. I'm glad you're confident in better things; when my Euro-Style Dictator Alarm goes off, I don't ignore it. Too bad so many this season did. If we get, "Oafish moron dependent on more capable staff" we'll be fortunate.

Cry it out, friends. I'm right there with you.

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