Monday, November 21, 2016

Another Cross-Examination

I learned long ago that you had better bring the goods, if you are going to argue with Bryan Cross. Actually, I hope he has a good spiritual director, because I just assume I'm wrong, at this point, and it may not help in his cultivation of the virtue of humility!

In general though, have you noticed how little actual argument is in the public square? Once you realize it, that data point may be distressing. I believe that our lack of reason is the presenting problem in public discourse.

One could argue that the common good is the beating heart of the social doctrine. Any philosophy which denies that the common good even exists is incompatible with the Catholic social doctrine.

It doesn't help some people to tell them the Church is our mother, because they don't listen to their mothers, anyway. They react as though the Church said, "I don't want you hanging around with Tommy Pandolfo from down the street! He's always in trouble!"

"OK, Ma! I'll talk to ya later, aright?"

I try to remember the story of some former Pentecostal converts, who weren't much for complicated theological discussions, but if you said, "Jesus says..." whatever comes after that, they'd do or believe. You'll save yourself a lot of grief realizing that essentially, "The Church says..." and "Jesus says..." mean the same thing.

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