Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Please Feel Free To Be Inspired

There was a TED talk once by a woman in Australia. She had a significant physical disability, and she talked a lot about how she wanted to be treated normally, and how she hated people being patronizing. "I'm just like you!" she said in many different ways. In the "community," as it were, we call it "inspire-a-porn." I get it. I really do.


Who am I to decide when people are allowed to be inspired? Who am I to decide that I'm not carrying a cross? If other people see it, what reality am I trying to live in, pretending it's not there?

There's a guy in our parish who is mentally ill. I think it's schizophrenia. He shakes my hand after Communion every single day. He used to say I was his inspiration, when there was more time. All I have to say is, "Brother, I'll be your inspiration as long as you want."

I'm getting over the idolatry of "normal." The pride of it. If you met me, you might realize I've been given more than joy. You may not expect that, and that's fine. It's not mine, anyway. If it helps people to believe I am a smiling giggly moron, so be it. Because if that were all I could do, it would bring Him glory, nonetheless.

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