Friday, January 20, 2017

The Days Of Barack Obama

I have taken my title as an adaptation of a book title by Jim Bishop, "The Days Of Martin Luther King, Jr." The book is a bit hagiographic, but much of it is deserved. I wanted to evoke Dr.  King, because much of what we owe to Obama is in fulfillment of a dream, certainly articulated by King.

We cannot possibly overestimate the magnitude of what has happened. Every time a black kid dreams about being the president, they'll think of Obama. Every time the teachers exhort the children to study hard, that maybe this is the only ticket out of difficult circumstances, Obama will be in the background. Maybe one less person will tell the kid to live in reality, and to leave dreams and hopes behind. What's that worth? Are you sure you know how much?

I hope they put up a picture in every black school.

You could say much in criticism, and it remains true: he was a better symbol than a president. But what a symbol!

Fair to say that the ceaseless attacks on religious liberty and passionate advocacy of abortion serve as massive counter-signs to the witness of his own beautiful family.

War has spread, not receded. Unity is a word, but not a reality. Falsehoods about the nature of marriage and the family are the law of the land. There will be a reckoning for this.

But I find that I am not happy he is gone. I already miss him. He's nothing, if not predictable. There will be change, and there is always hope. He spoke of them, and he meant it, even if he doesn't know what they mean exactly.

May God bless and protect the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama.

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