Monday, February 13, 2017

There Is No Golden Mean For Vice

There has been a lot of normalization of evil lately. Especially in partisan politics. As long as we can be convinced that the other side is worse, we let our side get away with almost anything.

We can't do that anymore.

Still no-one has told me exactly what Megyn Kelly did wrong, besides ask a question. And it's a question that deserves an answer. The women of America deserve a straight answer, not hostility from Newt Gingrich, that paragon of virtue. But, you know, life goes on, and Hillary was worse.

And let's get something straight: I read books. Maybe not steadily or quickly, but I do. And I believe the President of the United States should read them. I wouldn't want bullet-point summaries; I am the expert; I would consent to your expert opinion, if your analysis convinces me that I should. That's how it would go.

I also have never heard Jorge Ramos say anything deserving getting thrown out of a room. Even if he is liberal. Isn't it a journalist's job to hassle politicians? Guess what, sir? Despite all your sentence fragment protestations to the contrary, you are one.

You'd better believe I'm going to be "judgmental." It's my way of commemorating that this entire farce was beyond the pale. I'm wondering still why it didn't bother anyone else.

I know Hillary was worse; the Democrats always are. What's changed? Nothing, I guess. Except that the party of "family values" are a bunch of hypocrites, who sold their birthright for a bowl of soup.

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