Thursday, May 18, 2017

I'm Dreaming Of Food

The worst part of the accident (besides the tracheotomy) is not being able to eat real food. I have a feeding tube right now. You start to notice how we are deluged with food commercials when you can't eat any of it.

I can't say that everything I dream about is sustainably sourced or clean, if you will! My friends, we are going to eat when this is over. Mark my words, and mark them well.

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Unknown said...

I'm with you, bother. I've had to be fed intravenously several times, once for 8 weeks straight. Once, I remember making up a little sign with little hash marks - "Soup, fish course, meat course, salad, dessert"--and attaching it to the drip bag. That first steak will be indescribably delicious!