Friday, January 19, 2018

The Seven Stages Of Roger Federer In A Major

7 Rounds, 7 Reactions. These are the reactions of Roger Federer's opponents in a major championship:

Round 1: "Holy buckets! I get to play Federer! I'll be telling this story until I'm dead."

Round 2: "Holy buckets, it's Roger Federer! Maybe if he plays horribly, I can make history. It's happened!"

Round 3: "No matter what, the money's getting good. And if I win, someone's making a movie."

Round 4: "Weather the early storm. If I'm not down 2 sets, I have a shot."

Round 5: "If I beat him here, maybe I can win the whole thing."

Round 6: "I'm not scared. But he's still Roger Federer."

Round 7: "Championship Final. Sod it, he's got enough of these already."

Djokovic: "They will never love me like they do him. Oh, well. It's my time now."

Nadal: "I own him, but it never seems that way."

Murray: "He's still here? I'm getting old, and he's still here!"

Wawrinka: "If I don't beat him, that's OK."

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