Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm kind of a sap. I have a list of favorite chick flicks, and I have a favorite. I like a good drama as well. Every now and again, Hollywood actually makes itself useful by putting out a good one. 1994's With Honors starred Brendan Fraser, Moira Kelly, Joe Pesci, Gore Vidal, and Patrick Dempsey. Yes, that Patrick Dempsey. Fraser played Monty Kessler, a dedicated political science student at Harvard who is in love with his friend, Courtney Blumenthal (Moira Kelly). Skipping past the entire plot to the part that matters, the friends are at a party when Courtney argues with her fornication-buddy, "The Face." She storms out, and Monty follows her outside to a fountain. He puts her face in his hands, and she asks him, "What are you doing?" He answers, "I'm ending our friendship," and they adorably kiss, then embarking on their own fornication adventure, which, we can only hope, ends in a marriage when the characters get around to it. Why'd I tell you that story? Well, I always wanted to do something smooth like say, "I'm ending our friendship" to a girl in front of a fountain. I've seen this movie like 13 times, and aside from being a good movie, it's a good scene. Anyway, I'm obliged to mention that Moira Kelly also stars in my favorite and greatest chick flick of all time, The Cutting Edge. Finally, she is the voice of adult Nala in my favorite movie, The Lion King. If you can complete the Favorite Movie-Favorite Chick Flick-Favorite Wooing Scene trifecta, you've done good work. Thanks, Moira.

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