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The Wackadoo Is Right: There Shouldn't Be Smut For Kids To Find

Here you go.  Now don't hear what I'm not saying. I don't think Sally the Librarian deserves prison, even if she thinks these parents are a bunch of repressed Christianist Torquemadas. And I'm not saying necessarily that I want anything to do with actually enforcing this thing. But. I don't believe in pluralism for its own sake. I believe true freedom serves the true good. I believe that moral filth hurts everyone, and, if good parents can't stand up and say that Heather doesn't have two Mommies, she never did, and she never will, well, I don't really want to live in a place like that. For those of you who think I just tied various "marginalized" communities to a stake, get over it. If you cry "Wolf!" long enough, people start ignoring you. At the end of the day, everyone will come to understand that the absolute limit of human political authority is the natural moral law, and that every human government that transgresses i

As We Forgive Our Trespassers

I'm the type of foolish man who thought forgiveness is easy. I don't have any enemies; I'm at least somewhat of an easygoing guy [The truth is, you're a control freak, who's good at convincing people that you're easygoing.--ed.]. And then, it hits. People wiser than me advised I wait a couple months, maybe I can discern some good in what was said. It's been 4. It's probably good I'm a cripple; I probably would have hit him in the throat by now, and only later felt bad about it. I'm opening up about it here, because I'm honestly tired of trying to talk about it with people who are like me: Good Christians, uncomfortable with anger, obedient to authority, and ever so thankful to God for our many gifts. Oh, yeah, the guy's a priest. Yes, if you're wondering, I kind of hate myself right now. What good Catholic wouldn't? And this is not someone I met randomly one time at Our Lady of the Godless Suburbs parish for a sacramental