Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rev. Travis Tamerius is writing a book about savoring God in the ordinary things of life. I eagerly await his return from sabbatical, and the opportunity to discuss the things he's found. For all I know, he's back now. Anyway, my ordinary things consisted of drinking a beer with my brother, discussing our business, and surveying the National League pitching matchups for the evening. Do you think that with all the trouble and pain in the world right now, I should concern myself with baseball? Actually, I do. There are legions of people who could care less about baseball, or any other sport. That's regrettable, since we are not simply creatures of intellect, but of passion and emotion. Since I can't seem to connect with Mozart or Dali, I find kinship with Pujols and Maddux. (Note: Maddux has yet to surrender a hit since being traded to the Dodgers.) Bono lent his voice to some commercials touting soccer's ability to stop wars, so I feel fairly safe mildly asserting baseball's value in the life of an ordinary person. There are three indisputable facts I know:

1. Jesus Christ is the one and only Savior of sinners;
2. There is baseball in Heaven;
3. Natalie Wood would lose a narrow contest for 'Most Beautiful Woman Ever' to my future wife, whose identity remains unknown to me.

That is all.