Friday, March 11, 2011

As I called a phone number to entangle myself in yet another theological program, I noted how odd the number looked. I feel like I just called for a Wildfire Alert. [Not even Anne Robinson reads your favorite tech-thriller, idiot.--ed.] Well, as usual, she's free to be gloriously wrong. The story of the fictional Rudolph Karp reminds me of the little excerpts of Polanyi I've read. I'm inspired by thinking about those scientists who have the guts to say the consensus is wrong, because they reasonably believe they're right. [I wish we could ask Chrichton if he had Polanyi in mind when he created Karp.--ed.] Me, too. Wait, hold on. [Looking something up] Sheesh, a whole family of intellectuals! I love intellectuals. Let's just call them 'curious people.' There is a sinful kind of curiosity, a vain kind, but that's not what I mean. When you need to know something to make sense of your reality, (and it can be known) what can you do but pursue it, really? I'm just going to have to read Personal Knowledge before I die or my brain turns to watery, useless goo. [You're about to note that another towering intellectual happened to be Catholic.--ed.] Why? You just did it for me! [I hate my life.--ed.] Cheer up, dude. You still have Jack Collins (though he's not 10% the fundie you are). [You were right to tell those papist seminarians how blessed they'd be to have him for a teacher.--ed.] He's worth at least 5 Rahners and 10 McBriens, easily. "I'll take Jack for the block, Tom."
A part of a noble Reformed song to send you to sleep: [Please, papists, steal this immediately!]

"Jesus, I my cross have taken/All to leave and follow Thee/Destitute, despised, forsaken/Thou from hence, my all shall be/Perish every fond ambition/All I've sought or hoped or known/Yet how rich is my condition/God and Heav'n are still my own...Haste thee on from grace to glory/Armed by faith and winged by prayer/Heav'n's eternal days before thee/God's own hand shall guide us there/Soon shall close thy earthly mission/Swift shall pass thy pilgrim days/Faith shall change to glad fruition/Faith to sight/And prayer to praise."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

5 Delicious Snark-Nuggets for Today

5. Hey, MSN! If you're going to peddle Joseph Stiglitz's Keynesian poo, you could at least tell us that.

4. Hey, Keith Mathison! I certainly don't see a principled difference between Solo Scriptura and Sola. In practice, I do. It's borrowing from the ecclesial authority and tradition of the undivided Church. Just admit it, and we're all better off. It need not be adopting the Catholic position. (That position is a possible answer to the problem, not the cause of it.)

3. Mathison Bonus: If the papacy inappropriately seized power and inserted the filioque in the Nicene Creed, are you denying it? Are you Orthodox? Their position doesn't help you, because they think the Reformed are schismatics and heretics, too (for 97.6% of the same reasons).

2. That first day of Lent was brutal. I didn't know about No Meat (AKA Ash) Wednesday for papists until my dinner plans were made. But I kept my vow. (No Coke or soda of any kind for Lent). It really is a suffering. I hope I can enter into Christ's sufferings through it.

1. Reformed theology is varied, and hence, inconsistent. The WCF is and was itself an ecumenical document. But it fails. Chapters XI and XV are blatantly contradictory, for one; and if we dare speak the phrase "Union With Christ" we should realize its obvious implications for theosis (which undercuts forensic justification by the nature of the case).