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Top 5 Jokes At The Celebrity Roast Of Huldrych Zwingli 5. "I told Zwingli not to get torn up, but he never listens." 4. "Huldrych was mad because his wife forgot their anniversary; she said she wasn't fond of liturgical observances." 3. "He was mad Marty and John didn't bring birthday presents; they said the gifts were merely symbolic of their affection anyhow." 2. "Your cheese isn't the only thing full of holes. The Platonists waved, and promised a postcard." 1. "Roger Goodell called; he said you'd make an excellent commissioner of the No Fun League."
5 Reactions To The Republican Takeover of the House of Representatives 5. Geez, I hate Republicans, in a pro-liberty, God-fearing sort of way. 4. At least they won't have Nancy Pelosi to kick around anymore. 3. The only thing I see being repealed is common sense. 2. Maybe we shouldn't give franking privileges to people who don't read the bills they pass. 1. Maybe we can dig our children out of mountains of debt by turning off the war machine.
In this journey of mine that will most likely end in Rome [Don't bias it.--ed.] (fair enough), one dear friend of mine has taken to jokingly calling me a "papist dog." [Good friends, sheesh.--ed.] I think it's two-headed: first, we deeply regret many of the nasty things we said about Catholics over the centuries, in light of many faithful, biblical, Christ-loving Catholics we know (and the last two popes). And second, it demonstrates a great fear that particular Catholic distinctives (Mary, the saints, possibly Eucharist) are idolatry. Now, I have to say, my bias of experience spending loads and loads of time with "traditional" Catholics and learning Catholic theology pushes me in the direction of rejecting such a charge as unfounded. Still, idolatry is a serious charge for one Christian to make against another. In fact, it is so serious a charge that it puts the lie to much of our ecumenical talk these days. If Catholics are idolaters, we can have nothing