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Showing posts from January 22, 2012
Today, we're throwing a party for my birthday, which is in 2 days. As you may recall, I share a birthday with former Vice-President of the United States, Richard B. "Dick" Cheney. It could be worse. In fact, it is. I also share a birthday with former President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Ouch. I invited certain enthusiastic Lutherans to the party, but alas, they suspected a trap, and declined. No, not really. Certain other comrades of the Revolution were also invited, but enamored of their schismatic plotting, they declined as well. I was feeling bad last night, because I hadn't drunk enough water. Deciding that doing so would be a wise course, I imbibed and got into bed. Whenever my mother is talking about (or doing) something morally questionable, she raises her voice and refers to her Jesus-loving son, or something like that. Last night, she went with, "committed Catholic son," which pleased me greatly, though I am a dirt-bag. For som
It was a bit deflating to hear the phone ring this morning, only to rise and find no name attached to the 206 area code number. With how I was feeling, I was hoping God would call. Then again, maybe He did. In point of fact, area code 206 appears to be a defunct one from Washington state. I know 202 to be the District of Columbia; I didn't think Mr. Turner or the President of the United States would call. It's a sales call. Still, it's nice to know someone cares, even if he just wants to separate me from my cash. I doubt most people would value the thoughts I thought before I rose to see who it was. They were the same ones I fell asleep with. You know, I thought of ending the blog yesterday; I don't find any happiness here right now. Just myself and The Thoughts, every time I want to write or do anything at all. Is this how it will be? "Is this all that I am? Is there nothing more?" Haunted. It's hard to remember feeling or thinking anything else. Somebody
I hate you, Facebook. You'll be lucky if my account is still active after you force that timeline monstrosity on us. Furthermore, the search function clearly wants to ruin the entire experience for me. Do not force me to elaborate. Zuckerberg, you are a putz.
I just don't want to watch any more debates; the stuff that matters is obviously the primary and caucus results, as well as (much more importantly) the speeches that follow these. All the candidates know that the people who matter will watch these. Did you realize that the basic cast of the 2008 race was set in January, after the Iowa Caucuses? Obama's speech was borderline incredible; I remember this. He set the tone and the terms; it was up to Senator Clinton to reset them. Though the battle for the delegates was rather close, (decided by party insiders known as "superdelegates") she lost every crucial contest. This year, Republicans are the challengers. Each of the three top candidates--Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum--has claimed 1st place in a contest. What happens next will depend on the dynamic that emerges following the next vote in Florida. If various real-time reports are to be believed, Romney believes Gingrich to be his only real rival for the nomination. I
Rest In Peace, JoePa. You didn't do anything wrong, and I hope you are enjoying the Father's smile right now. Save a seat at the poker game for me.