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A note to commenters: Though Holy Mother Church does not see fit to "inquisit" Lutherans these days, be advised that enthusiastic Lutherans, whose quarrelsome tendencies naturally lead to that manifest evidence of error known as the "double post," will be mocked in sufficient measure. As for the Reformed, because their system's obvious contradictions warrant only the most uproarious laughter, but they, being highly disinclined to smile, much less laugh at themselves, we can only pray for them (while chortling in solitude). Being dispossessed of that sure aid when confronted with supernatural mysteries, 'I need a drink,' we strongly advise our Baptist brethren to try, 'I need fried chicken,' in the hope that it anecdotally has served the same purpose for generations of their best theologians.
5 Facts On My Right Ear 5. The hole in my eardrum is causing the block, not fluid. This is not good. 4. The eardrops I was using may have made things worse. 3. He thinks I'll get my taste back soon, but he's given me nasal spray to clear things out a bit. 2. I'll have a hearing test in about a month. 1. Surgery is likely.