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Showing posts from January 1, 2012
Sheesh, I was in a mood this morning. Thankfully, I was alone and didn't say anything. I hope it isn't permanent. [Yeah, you're not even funny anymore.--ed.] Neither are you. On the good side, Chris Yee brought the last Christmas present of the year. I consider it more for my brother. A movie we rented 15 times as kids. Chris found it, and knew it'd be perfect. What a guy!
The other thing I really like about Santorum is that his faith appears to be the genuine article. If he talks about the sanctity of life, he means it. Nitpicking from Ron Paul aside. He strikes me as a guy who'd go down in flames as a pro-life hero with 30% of the vote in a re-election bid if he had to. Even the things I strongly dislike about Santorum are distinctively Catholic, and thus, Christian. As a side note, I think the bishops could stand to do even more thinking about capitalism and whether a freer version of it really is as dehumanizing as they seem to suggest. In any case though, it's more than clear that Santorum's view of government is a mainstream (if misguided) Catholic one.
Newt was defiant in his speech last night. One thing I liked about it was that he struck tones of party unity AND drew bright lines of contrast with his GOP opponents. I'm glad that he wants to have the foreign-policy debate with Dr. Paul, even if I want Paul to win it. Newt has a reputation for being arrogant and prickly, and I doubt that will change. There is also his disturbing tendency to suck up to the liberal intelligentsia (see Global Warming, Ryan plan). But his virtues as an intellectual and a debater are of great value. It pleases me to think that if he were magnanimous and generous after this phase of contest, he'd be pleased to help the nominee (if not him) in debate preparation. Here's the grist for whomever wants to get to the anti-statist right of Rick Santorum . I have tons of sympathies here, but I've decided that I will vote for a big government Christian technocrat over Obama. It strikes me as unlikely that despite their unwillingness to re-think Amer
That neocon fascist Santorum was plucking my heart-strings...and it worked. %$#! I hate to admit it. He moved me. I could vote for this guy. I really like him. I'm a Paulite, sort of. If I lined up the policies, I'm Paul's guy. But Rick reminds me of myself. Someone get me a drink.