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Showing posts from January 25, 2009
I watched my favorite movie yesterday: The Lion King. Whenever someone asks me which one is my favorite, and I answer that way, they are a mixture of amused, surprised, or mocking. I don't know why. We do inherently respect animated films less, because they became tools for entertaining children. And there's nothing wrong with that, either. But there's nothing childish about The Lion King. This film is epic. The story, the characters, the music, the actors, and the rest make it likely worthy of a place in the 100 greatest American movies ever. James Earl Jones--or should I say, "the magisterial James Earl Jones"--plays King Mufasa, king of Pride Rock, head of the animals, somewhere in Africa. And the character of Mufasa needed a weighty voice, because he is a weighty king. If you were to be ruled by a king, Mufasa is the king you want: supremely just, wise, fair, noble, and gracious. Like all good messiah stories, you want your hero's nobility to come from so
In honor of my birthday, here's a list of the top 5 pop songs which encourage or inspire me: 5. "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," U2. Deceptively titled, actually. Lots of answers right in the song. 4. "You Were There," Babyface. This is the song I'd dedicate to my close friends. 3. "Hanging By A Moment," Lifehouse. This song so perfectly describes what my Christian conversion was/is like, I don't even care what it's actually about. 2. "Conviction of the Heart," Kenny Loggins. This brilliant song talks about our connectedness to the Earth, and how everything, including spiritual things are interconnected. 1. "Creed," Rich Mullins. I foul things up. I am a sinner. Sometimes, I wonder whose side I'm really on. But make no mistake: I am a warrior, and when it all goes down, this is my battle-cry.
Tomorrow's my birthday! I'm excited. Weirdly, though, that's not what's on my mind. I just got out of a seminary class where dating, relationships, and marriage were discussed. And those things are ALWAYS on my mind. I'm that guy who will say that a song best expresses what I'm thinking and feeling. Frankly, it's most often a soul/R&B song. (Yes, I am the whitest dude ever, and no, I don't care) Anyway, this song is one I want to play for my future wife, whoever and wherever she is. I remember the band called Caedmon's Call doing a song called, "Love Is Different" or some such, about how love songs don't really get it across. Well, as a full-blown member of the "I Love Derek Webb, But Think he's Obscenely Overrated" Club, I politely tell him and the other members of the band to can it for a sec. I love love songs, and I will continue to love them, no matter how holy and sanctified I may become. I maintain that love so