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Showing posts from August 2, 2020

The Dread Of What Ought To Be

 Most people who are living for money or prestige have found ways to make it sound like that's not what they're doing. We have somehow created a culture that tells us that our value is tied to what we do, or what we are able to do for someone else. The truth is that my value has been established by something done for me, completely independently of my ability to do anything. Jesus died for you and me when we were His enemies, and even now, it is not an ability inherent to me which allows me to accept the gift that Jesus gives. It is a grace which reaches down to me, to ennoble me beyond what I could ask or imagine. As I think about pushing back the dread with some distraction, or some pleasing error, the evil of which is not always apparent, it is this condescension of God that I am aware of now. In more ways than one, I am the cripple invited to the King's table, the descendant of the king's friend. I bring him nothing, and he sets before me a feast, in commemoration o

To All Who Did Receive Him

"Who do you say that I am?" This is the fundamental question Jesus is asking each one of us. In life, we have these moments of unbelief, where what we say doesn't match what we do. What truly moves me? Is it fear? Is it some need I don't think God can truly fill? Fortunately, even if we have been Peter, denying Him three times, Jesus doesn't keep score. He can set things right with his merciful gaze. Every moment is a new opportunity to receive Him, to rest in the Beloved.