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Showing posts from October 1, 2017

Logical Argument

Here is an argument: Murder is the intentional killing of an innocent human person; Procured abortion is the intentional killing of an innocent human person in the womb. Murder is illegal; Therefore, procured or elective abortion should be illegal. I don't see any religiosity there.

Pragmatism, Again

If I were going to push back against the current gun control advocacy, this  might be as good an argument as I can make. But. It presumes that a law is only good or wise if it prevents a particular crime or tragedy. We could ask many questions, such as, "What sort of society do we want and need?" How might people be formed in virtue by a society where the possession of lethal weapons is an oddity, rather than commomplace? We could also challenge the classical liberal contention that the state's putative authority may be revoked at any time, by force. The insurrectionist viewpoint that formed the basis for our Second Amendment is flatly contrary to Christian teaching on the source and end of political authority.