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Sitting With Mary, the Mother of God I was spending my night with some dear Catholic brothers and sisters examining some historical divisions between us Protestants and Catholics. After we had looked at the issues, we looked at and discussed our common foe(s), had a beer, and told some stories. One brother took me home when all was concluded, and he asked me if we could listen to a CD of the Rosary, as he said he wanted to finish it (it takes a good deal of time to do it right). "Of course," I said. Now, I should say, despite my current openness to Catholicism for reasons discussed previously on this blog, I do not venerate the mother of the Lord for conscience's sake. I joined in where most creedal Protestants would: the 'Our Father,' the 'Glory Be,' and the Apostles' Creed. I'd have to say, we should give real thought to praying the Rosary with Catholics (excepting the Marian parts if need be). The creedal unity therein expressed is indeed imperf
5 Reckless, Irreverent Thoughts for the Day 5. Note to revisionist historians: Nazism was not a 'right-wing' movement; Hitler was an admirer of the Italian socialist Gramsci, and generally followed his views. 4. Actually, yes, I think Dane Cook is funny. His bit on crying was one of the funniest, most insightful things I've ever seen. [Warning: Foul language.] 3. I owe myself two more poems today; I hereby proclaim National Write A Poem Day. [You can't do that! You're not Obama.--ed.] That'd be sweet if I was, though. Obama would then be a really weird Republican. And he wouldn't be on the ropes, that's for sure. Look, Obama, just because some people think you're a black Muslim doesn't mean you can just lay on the ropes and get hit. [Look, we get it, you like Ali.--ed.] Not my fault he's "The Greatest." 2. Great song . I don't care if you hate country. That's flippin' stupid, anyway, but just listen to this one song. 1.
Four poems in two days! It may not sound like much, but I'm forcing myself to write them. I won't be sharing the ones from last night. I'm doing that thing only a Christian writer can do: wonder if and when he should repent for writing what he really thinks. The first stanza of the longest poem, "Mara," I don't entirely mean. I just knew I was in a mood, and I wanted to let it be. Lord, you know I love you. It may well be you have granted more freedom to your creatures than most of us are ready to accept, and that might mean somebody is spiritualizing their own selfishness, or whatever it is. [One of your present trials is causing the death of your Calvinism.--ed.] So it would seem. [Which one?--ed.] Both? Anyway, I'm really into haikus right now. I like them because they give me some structure to go with my meandering, hippie free-verse style. [This just means your poetry sucks.--ed.] I know. But it's mine. Have you forgotten "Fruit"? [Tha
When Taylor Swift first arrived with her hit, "Tim McGraw," I heard her on the radio describing why she gave Tim McGraw (in Single-Man Envy Land we call him "Mr. Faith Hill") such a shout-out, and she said something like, "For people my age, Tim McGraw is a legend." I laughed at that, no disrespect to Tim. His highs are really high; I love the guy; he knows himself, and knows his audience. I always thought that what I'd heard of his albums (most of them) was a bit inconsistent. This dude is a singles artist to me, and that's not a slur. But then I thought about it, the phrase, "knows himself, and knows his audience." Maybe that's what a music legend is: he or she understands what he/she brings to the table, and doesn't do anything contrary to those shared musical experiences. This is my favorite Tim McGraw song. [Geez, you're haunted by ghosts.--ed.] Very likely. But seriously, the reason I love this tune is that it explain
My new plan (5 poems composed each week for the remainder of the summer) has been partially foiled by my 2 week vacation to Colorado, which is a smidge ironic, 'cause who can't write a bloody poem in the face of perhaps the most majestic peaks on the blessed Earth? Well, me. I had family and beer to drink. [You drank your family?--ed.] Sure looks that way, doesn't it? I love English. Anyway, I owe myself one right now. [But it's 3 AM, you jack-wagon.--ed.] Well, if I don't write it now, it never exists. I'll post it if it doesn't suck, and as long as I won't be jailed/deported/embarrassed/excommunicated. Which pretty much means you'll never see it! Ha! [Admit it, you let me call you a 'jack-wagon' because of this .--ed.] Guilty. R. Lee Ermey is pretty great. I guess that the brothers who gave us the premillenial dispensationalist nonsense of The Omega Code 2 weren't too bent out of shape by the foul language of his movie career on the w
5 Uncouth, Provocative Thoughts for Today 5. The Defense of Marriage Act is a blatant violation of the Constitution, specifically Article IV, sect. 1. 4. As such, I support the states' passage of laws defining marriage more specifically, though the Full Faith and Credit Clause will prevent people from eradicating gay unions entirely. 3. The Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts of 1964-65 are violations of the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, and have outlived their usefulness as a means to combat racism. 2. I think Lochner v. New York was rightly decided. 1. I think internet gambling should be entirely legal.