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Showing posts from February 5, 2012
5 Saucy Thoughts for Today 5. If the 'historic Christian church' to which you are referring didn't or doesn't physically exist, it isn't historic, and it's not a Church. 4. Kinda hard to follow the bishop as though following Christ if you don't have one. 3. You can't 'rediscover' your apostolic succession if you started out your existence as an ecclesial community denying its necessity. (Doug Wilson, looking in your direction.) 2. You don't tolerate a great variation of views on the Lord's Supper in your communities; why do you think the early Fathers would? (Keith Mathison, looking in your direction.) 1. The Protestant insistence that we are all "united in the essentials" reminds me of the crafting of the Universal Declaration On Human Rights. The representatives of various nations agreed they could sign the document together, so long as no one asked what each person intended by doing so.
I'm currently shocked by the polls. Colorado shows Romney in the lead, and I had previously said it would signal Romney's eventual victory if he won there. But he's losing Minnesota and Missouri! (I love you, Rick Santorum!) I don't know what to think now. Missouri's lack of delegates is not relevant; as one author said today, it's all about momentum and perception. You are hereby disqualified from JK's presidential consideration if you: 1. Are an Arian; 2. Provide the design specs for 'ObamaCare.' 3. Have been avowedly pro-life for less than 5 years. 4. Get endorsed by John McCain. 5. Look like Mr. Game Show. (Admittedly, the most hilarious toy ever)
I was gloriously wrong about the Super Bowl. Thanks, guys. But you may ask, "JK, what was your favorite commercial during the game?" I'm so glad you asked. Chevy Truck/Manilow/Twinkies. Done and done. Even if it was clearly composed by a fornicating pervert, if you can sit through " Looks Like We Made It " without singing along, you're a soulless cyborg.