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The 5 Best Things About Reformed Theology and/or Calvinism: 5. (And ironically, it can be one of the worst) Their understanding of predestination. While it may well lead to monstrous determinisms, according to some, had I been a member of the Dutch Reformed Church at Dort, I know which side I'd choose. A brief note to Drs. Walls and Dongell at Asbury--and it is spoken with all the charity I can muster--your book stinks. Did you purposely avoid the relevant scriptures, or was it a mistake? 4. Biblical fidelity. Leaving aside the critiques which come from many quarters on this point, (and many others) there should be no doubt that the Reformed value the Bible and its teachings highly, and their reputation for knowledge and zeal for God's Word is well deserved. 3. John Calvin. Now, before you jump on me, and I get letters from Hillaire Belloc's grandson and the Servetus Admiration Society reminding me that Calvin was a heretic and a monster, let me point out that, while far fr
My lists of 5 are spreading. Seeing Tim's list there, then, I must do my own. [Warning: Hopelessly mainstream and popular. Logic: If real people (not art-house snobs) don't hear it, it ain't "groundbreaking" is it? And it's my list! My 5 Most Influential Albums (that is, to me) 5. Weezer, by Weezer. Known by fans as "the Blue Album" for its blue cover, this disc restored some of my faith in rock. And though I love deep lyrics, this album may prove that they aren't necessary. 4. August and Everything After, by Counting Crows. Adam Duritz (lead singer and songwriter) may be weird, and you can listen 50 times without understanding, but I defy you not to enjoy and sing along. 3. The Day , by Babyface. Not even his best release, but made when he was at the height of his influence in 1996, and not a weak track on it. 2. No Fences , by Garth Brooks. This isn't his best one either, (you can frankly make an argument for all of them) but this made sur
During this season of theological exploration/appreciation, I dutifully present: My 5 Favorite Words in Catholicism (snarky, affirmative, hopefully humorous comments included) 5. Reconciliation [Because if you are not "down with" confession and pardon, you have major issues, dawg!] 4. Tradition [The defense against chronological snobbery since 33 AD] (Note: I know the phrase "chronological snobbery" is in a book, but since I've not read it, please don't sue me.) 3. Magisterium [Presumptively ensuring that the essentials of faith are not defined by warm fuzzies] 2. Eucharist [Mysterious, possibly even creepy, and complicated? Yes. Superior to Zwinglianism? Infinitely.] 1. Charity. [How Catholics define saving love, to distinguish it from seedy, immoral romance novels]
Top 5 Ways To Tell You Are Theologically Confused: 5. You read theology and say, "He doesn't sound like a [insert denomination]." 4. You start paying acute attention to the differences in Bible translations. 3. You even pray confused. 2. You make up words to describe your confessional position. 1. You start asking Jesus what his confessional position is.