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The Stations of the Cross

Act of Contrition: O God my Redeemer, see me here at your feet. From my deepest heart, I am sorry for all my sins, because they have offended you, whom I should love above all things. Lord Jesus Christ, only Son of the Father, have mercy on me, a sinner! Amen. First Station: Jesus is Condemned to Death Dearest Jesus, help me to rejoice in suffering unjustly, or when I am reviled, remembering that you suffered likewise. Our Father...Hail, Mary...Glory be. Second Station: Jesus Carries His Cross Lord Jesus, when I suffer, grant me the grace to see that I have a small part in your cross, and thus, that I have cause to rejoice. Our Father...Hail, Mary...Glory Be. Third Station: Jesus Falls the First Time My Jesus, the weight of my sins has thrown you to the ground. May my love and compassion grow along with my pity, ultimately for my good, and your glory. Our Father...Hail, Mary...Glory be. Fourth Station: Jesus Meets His Mother  Lord, it pleased

"Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day" Was The Most Fun I Ever Had Doing Political Activism

That was several years ago. Do you remember it? Though some of the organizing energy doubtless smacked of crass opportunism, (this was Mike Huckabee, after all) I did it. And I'm not entirely insensitive to the Christian criticism that it was unnecessarily combative toward the so-called "gay community." But I went, and I felt better about it as it went along. I want to live in a country where, if it must be pluralistic, we can still take the risk to live and believe what we will. We may offend people--and Heaven knows I don't actually enjoy it--but this is America, and it's time for some progressives to put on their big-boy and big-girl pants (and the other identities, if you like) and just deal with it. Especially in light of their willingness to hire homosexuals (and others) while steadfastly maintaining a Christian identity. Firing up the grills on a Sunday, no less, to feed those affected by the Orlando tragedy, and dozens of other things, shows any sensible

Now I Have To Say Something

You could find some good here , if you wanted to. Overall, if I may, however, I find it self-indulgent, self-flagellating nonsense. The shooter wasn't even a Christian! What exactly are we supposed to be apologizing for? Here's a few things in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Though I would love to find out what "unjust discrimination" means in this context, I have no problem assenting to these paragraphs. I know one thing for sure: currying favor, and attempting to placate people who don't know what they want is a fool's errand. Christian, you don't need to be "dialoguing" with anyone who thinks "Homosexual practices constitute sin" is functionally equivalent to murder. There is no apology I am required to offer for my existence, and for upholding the traditional Christian teaching on sexuality, and there is nothing good to be gained from saying, "I'm not like those Christians" unless you intend not to hold the

No Hot Takes Here

I don't want to say anything about recent events. This blog is sanctimonious enough. I doubt that I have anything to add. I will say it reminds me of our fragility. We often think there are many days, weeks, months, and years ahead. That may be our most foolish conceit. Get about the business of living the worthiest life you can, as emphatically as you can. We just don't know. God of mercy, hear our pleas, for our own sakes, and for our friends and neighbors. We ask this through Christ the Lord, Amen.