Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Steadfast Love

This is the entire theme of the Bible. There are others, of course, but this is the heart. God is steadfast love. There are many people who worry that talking about how God is Love waters down religion. I suppose that is a valid concern. But when we realize that we have not attained what we hope for, then we know the cost of failing to tell the truth about sin. Sin keeps us from loving communion with God forever. That's what we hope for. If we don't tell someone about something that is holding them back from the greatest gift they could ever receive, do we really love them?

I think some people have a vision of what they want the Church to be and do, so they listen to people who "tell it like it is" and they try to start a culture war in the Church; who said what to whom, who's "soft," "faithful," et cetera. In short, a huge waste of time.

There appears to be others who personally get stuck where they are. They might even make a to-do about being "authentic," or some such, but in reality they are afraid to love God. The more you love God, the more you lose control.

Others just need encouragement. The enemy earns his tag as the accuser, because he takes one sin and blows it up. The evil one wants us to despair, because he wins if we ultimately do despair.

The ultimate truth is that every moment of life is an opportunity to love God more like he loves us. A saint misses less of those opportunities than the rest of us.