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Showing posts from October 24, 2010
5 Signs You Are Ankle-Deep In The Tiber 5. You start laughing at traditional Protestant notions of "apostolic." 4. You say "Holy Mother Church" without snickering. 3. You are more anti-Nestorian than anti-Marian. (Svendsen, MacArthur, get with the program!) 2. You start daydreaming about dating Catholic girls. [It's always sex with you, isn't it?--ed.] Nolo contendere. 1. You join an RCIA class. [You're outed now.--ed.] The biggest open secret ever.
Is Jon Alter completely insane? I say yes. I've known Democratic fear-mongering, but this is astonishing. Get this man an economics textbook (and perhaps a functioning brain, bless him), stat. I'm under no illusions about the greatness of Republicans; in fact, it'll probably be like 1994: The Revolution That Wasn't. But the left-wing version of ideal America has never existed, and will never work. How did we get to the point of addressing our opponents as sub-human like this? I was concerned about what Obama and Co. would do [Not that concerned; you voted for him.--ed.] but I recall nothing but optimism even at the change of Congress. You'll note well that the Democratic congressional candidates in '06 and '08 that provided the majorities in both houses on paper are not terribly liberal, either socially or economically. Their Faustian bargain to support Pelosi (a true believer) and to bite the bullet on the president's health-care plan (enacted shadily