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I can honestly say with a clear conscience, I knew it. I saw it coming. After the last home run to make it 6-0, knocking Cardinals co-ace Adam Wainwright out of the game, I just knew. These people are too excited. They don't know how this works. It was only the third inning. Teams that don't have "it" may fold in deciding games; the defending champs will not. On the one hand, a new year is different; commentators make too much of one team's history at times like this. On the other, this team is the same team that made the highly improbable run to the title last year, coming from behind five times in World Series Game 6. Two outs and two strikes in the final inning is old hat, as well. I said in published writing that the 2012 Cardinals would be better than the team that had just won it all; in all measures, they were better. But this team has a frustrating tendency to lose tight, well-played, (read: one run) games. The addition of the second wild card spot in
Election Update: It's October 11, just a few weeks until we vote for president (and everything else). I know you're excited, because I am. Since we last chatted about this, a few things happened, in terms of "trail drama": the Embassy attack (may they rest in God's peace), Romney's huge debate win, and the hearings on the attack. All of these were bad for the president. But remember, events only reinforce narratives; I've already told you that Romney is going to win. Events will only decide the margin. Romney's debate win did not change this race, and don't let anyone tell you differently. Romney won precisely because there is no compelling narrative for an Obama victory. Obama knows that as well as we do. If he doesn't know it, he can't tell the voters what it is. And so, you lose debates, and sound like a moron. All that happened is that most people who are not political junkies got clued into the lack of a narrative that the junkies alr
Rascal Flatts is one of those great groups in pop; great songs, great harmony, great lead singer. One of those songs is "Bless The Broken Road," and it's become a wedding standard in the last few years. What you may not know is that it was originally recorded by Christian artist Jaci Velazquez in the late '90s, and featured in the teen drama series, "Dawson's Creek." I liked "Dawson's Creek." There was too much sex and stuff, but it was great. I wasn't a Christian back then, so that isn't what I mean. I mean to say that TV always has more sex than actually happens. I asked my friend Brian junior year if he had "done it." He was good-looking and popular, so I figured he had. He said, "No, man. Been close, but got too scared." I think if I ever work for a youth group in the Church, more than sharing the teachings of Mother Church, I will tell them that in all sorts of ways, it's OK to be young and scared. We
The mystery of contentment is this: There is no tomorrow. I am me today. God loves me today. I have what I need today. There is no denying what I want. There is no point in lying. But if I don't recognize the difference between what I want and what I need, I have no chance at joy. For my part, I wanted to encourage one of my myriad pretty friends with this truth. I know it always comes back to women with me. But in her case, a loss of self-confidence is completely unwarranted. She's beautiful, and funny, and interesting. The only explanation for this mind-boggling turn of events is Satan. And would she knock on the door of Holy Mother Church! What is this glut of beautiful Protestant women? What's going on over there? Anyway, I did my best to offer that gift I'm best at: encouragement. In a sense, I really hate being that guy. Women don't love encouragers, it seems. They like "bad boys" or hipster weirdos these days. Someone, please prove me wrong. If
I do need a printer. Poor Uncle Larry, having to put me up in his house, and print off my work. Investments in the future!
5 Moral Or Political Thoughts 5. You are not morally superior because you support a government program that I do not. 4. Socialism in fact is an affront to the moral agency of individuals, and to their personhood. 3. I'm not, nor have I ever been, a Randian. Stop saying it. Nor do I support candidates for political office who are Objectivists. 2. I don't even remotely dislike President Obama, so my criticisms do not proceed from personal animus, racism, fear, or any other bad thing. 1. In the words of President Obama, "Let me be clear..." I don't want fewer abortions; I want none.
5 Thoughts For Today 5. We're all thinking it: The Nationals aren't that good, and the Cards handed them a game. 4. Dionne Warwick is better than you think. 3. I fell asleep before the end of my Rosary last night, I think. It was the jazz at the end. I hope it still counts. 2. Shameless popery. Unabashed Romanism. And I didn't even pay the Babylonian Woman Of Ill Repute. 1. Sometimes great friends come out of nowhere. You gotta be ready to receive them, and do everything you can to keep them.
I woke up mad this morning. Sometimes, people make choices that may not directly affect you, but the results do. You want something, you hope something goes a certain way, and it doesn't. And the reason it doesn't is because the consequences of choices haven't even begun to unwind. I've gotta let it go. There must be a plan or purpose that I don't see. There's almost nothing in this world to convince me that it makes sense, but that's nothing new. Into Your hands, O Lord. But last night was a great night. I reconnected with an old friend from high school, had some pizza, beer, and chicken wings. Sometimes, just listening can be as good as any "gospel presentation." I can't say that mine is any kind of perfect life, or anything close to an actual saintly life, but hopefully it will be said that I lived a human life of real passion and meaning in the light of Christ. There is a dignity in this life only made sharper by the subhuman dignity of