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Showing posts from May 2, 2010
I was realizing one interesting thing this week, because prayer has been lacking. That is, prayer and sin are complete opposites. I might be the Apostle of the Blindingly Obvious on that one; I don't care. It hasn't been that obvious to me. In any case, from talking with various friends, I have a quite undeserved reputation as a "prayer warrior." In evangelical parlance, that means I don't treat 'I'll pray for you' the same as 'Have a good day.' If that's all it takes, we are a sad bunch. I've forgotten thousands of prayers. On the other hand, being a bit Martin Lutherish, I feel the need to say, "Holy Spirit, would you hear the prayers of friends I may have forgotten..." (And of course, "TT" and "Rabbi Tbone" are always in my prayers, unless I screw up.) As I was chewing on the silliness of being credited with something I have no idea about, I reasoned, "C'mon, there's nuns and grandmas who ca