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Showing posts from August 28, 2011
Daytime Replacement Haiku (Late-Night Haiku XXXV, On Psalm 1) The righteous man me. Though stumbles invite turning, The Lord comforts me.
5 Uncouth, Unfair Thoughts On Politics 5. If certain noisy factions actually cared about the poor, they wouldn't bribe the middle class with entitlements. 4. I might have cared about my carbon footprint once, but then I remembered The Gathering Of Urgent Concern, which naturally required a private plane, and first-class service. 3. All things considered, no matter what else I say, there is a difference in the state killing murderers, and the state killing children. 2. No, I'm not scared of Michelle Bachmann, or Sarah Palin. 1. Short of Romney, (for the sake of the gospel) I'm with the Republican nominee in 2012. (In that case, I'll write in Ron Paul without hesitation. Which I should have done last time.) Bonus: Our only democratic ally in the Middle East is neither democratic, nor an ally.
Late-Night Haiku XXXIII (On Ephesians 2:5) Gracious life to us; Together with Him we reign, Though death bound us fast.