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God Does Not Exist To Make You Feel Good About Yourself

 I guess that destroys that old secular idea that religion makes people comfortable here on Earth, until they die. On the other hand, I don't blame the sociologists for thinking that's exactly what people do with God. "God" tells them they are great, and that they don't need to do anything else. Forgive me; I never want these thoughts to become grumpy, and have the quality of "get off my lawn!" But Love has a Name, and a face. He looked right at St. Peter, after he was a coward and denied Him 3 times. He died for all of us, but he died for you. He certainly didn't die so you could believe whatever you want. God has revealed Himself in Jesus. He requires things of us! Now, understand that I beat the "Mercy" drum for good reason. If we knew how much we were loved, we would live differently. But we get this nationalism and sentimental garbage about God, because we treat Him like our plaything. Maybe people of my generation saw "Aladdin&qu