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If I could understand this world, and God, HALF as well as this guy ...and he's got a good priest, too. The reward will be great. And I couldn't be gladder. I say I haven't suffered at all. Really. I'm a cripple. Woo, big deal. At least my strongest desire on the natural level isn't doomed, in this life. Oh, I wonder if I'm some sort of leper, or the Phantom of the Opera at this stage, but there's no reason to fret. I was looking at myself in the mirror the other day--though I wish my skin was clearer, my nose was smaller, (and maybe I wasn't a cripple) and I thought, "Wow, I am really hot." No, seriously. I did that thing male models do: I squinted, and tried to look bad. It worked. I think. I like myself. Just thought I'd share.
A Guy's Christian Manifesto I am committed to praying at least once a day for myself or others around me, for salvation or sanctification, and for various material needs. I am committed to reflecting each day on my sins for the day, and to taking the necessary actions to repent of them. I am committed each day to encouraging one person (or more) in walking with God, no matter how near or far they are to actually doing that. I am committed to seeking spiritual counsel, and to placing myself under the proper authorities. Also, I will obey them in all things but sin, and in those matters left to prudential judgment. I am committed to knowing the Holy Scriptures better than I did yesterday. I am committed to purity in all things. Thus, I am committed to the avoidance of compromising situations or images with, or of, women, (or men) whether known to me or strangers. If I fail, I will carry out the instructions of my second committment. I will carry out those instructions in
Hebrew Catholic Woody Allen was at it again, and it was outstanding. Sacraments, and how they work. The mark of the best teachers in anything is that they can teach the hardest things to the simplest people. I saw Confirmation Sponsor Lady there, and their daughter, 'Lucy.' I feel bad for that young person! [Bwhahaha!--ed.] I mean, honestly. Has there ever been a couple more naturally suited to winning arguments than those two? All the 'discussions' we've ever had end with me saying, "You know, you're right, I was thinking imprecisely; I was wrong." If it had stage directions, it'd be like, [submits to bishop] or [tries cheese] or [prays to Mary] or [goes to New Orleans for no apparent reason]. It's kind of funny now. [I don't think it's funny.--ed.] Of course you don't. I didn't see Confirmation Sponsor Guy; he was being a Dad. Pffft. Whatever that's about. Besides all that, he's been locked in the Cave of Writing s
To be a son who loses your Dad is possibly the worst thing I can think of. It's been 24 years since I lost my Dad. It still hurts sometimes like it happened yesterday. I was 9 years old. He didn't battle a long illness; he was ripped away from us. My parents were divorced when I was a baby. I lived with my mom and my brother. He started again, and I grew up knowing his other children and his wife. She was and is family to me. As a side note, I entirely believe and aim to practice the Church's teachings on sexual ethics. I don't think they should change the teachings on divorce and remarriage, either. That said, it's hard to tut-tut these people I love for not toeing the line. All the hurt came back for me today, because I heard that a new friend lost his father in the past few days. If I could say one thing to him, it would be this: "Never apologize, even years later, for falling apart now and again over this. You will always be a boy who lost his Daddy, an
You hear it a lot as an explanation: "Just go back to the Fathers." Why do people become Catholic? They went back to the Fathers. I suppose that's true. But it's important to know what it is about them that we're supposed to be looking for. There are patristics scholars everywhere, after all. Obviously, in any particular area of interest or time period within the patristic age, you can find leaders with divergent opinions on a great many things. There are some pretty fierce disagreements among them, too. If you wanted to make a surface case against the claim of the Catholic Church--that it is the Church Christ founded--you could do it. But what is it that they really tell us? They tell us where and how to locate the Church to which they submitted, and why. That's really the nature of the dispute between Protestants and Catholics: the nature of the Church and how to find it. It's really stupid to pretend that the visible expression of ecclesiastical a
It was an interesting day. Catholic theology all day long. And OK, fine, my heart's a bit aflutter because of a note to the effect that I have a Secret Admirer. Which was dumb, because there are a grand total of 2 single women in our class, and the other one is a close friend for like 12 years. If she liked me that way, she'd just say so. So I know who it is. Like a moron, I told the Person I Am Hopelessly In Love With about it. Frankly, I might've hoped it made her jealous, but it won't. I hate it when that happens. She's really attractive, this Note-Leaver. She has braces, and I like that, because I'm a freak. I think I might've embarrassed her. Oh, well. She has a month to think about it. I left my number and e-mail. Pray for me. Happy Birthday, Tim.