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Showing posts from August 9, 2020

The Fire

 I will never be convicted of being a great prayer warrior, but I also truly do speak with the Holy Spirit, and He speaks with me. One thing you come to realize is that you can go deeper than the plain words of Scripture, but nothing true will ever be said without them. So there I was, reading and meditating on Luke 24, the part where the two disciples walked along the road to Emmaus. Remember how sad they were? Then Jesus comes up, playing a little coy, and asks them what they were talking about. The rough equivalent of a response was, "What, have you been living under a rock?" (Well, not exactly, but that's funny.) So they're explaining to Our Lord what he's allegedly missed--quite amusing, really--and then he tells them they don't get it. "And beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he interpreted for them all the Scriptures concerning himself." We all know that was a sermon to end them all. Remember how they reacted? "Did our hearts not b

Juan, Nick, and David

 Juan Williams, Nicholas Kristof, and David French. I might be persuaded to read some other columnist, if the headline manages not to be needlessly inflammatory, but I always read these 3 guys. You'll notice that only one is "conservative," whatever that means. David French reminds me of who I used to be. When I wasn't trolling people, on my very best day, I could sound like French. And no, I don't routinely read Ross Douthat. He just annoys me, on every conceivable level. Not that he never says anything good. Far from it. But behind the smart words is a schemer, trying to make peace with the indefensible. Yes, I mean Trump. And he brings his Catholicism into every bit as much disrepute as any progressive, when you realize that he doesn't ride or die with the Church, but rather, some "conservative Catholic" something. This is why I can't read George Weigel; it's the same thing. It seems like the ghosts of Novak and Buckley are haunting us. If