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Showing posts from July 20, 2003
I heard the St. Louis Cardinals were interested in Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Cory Lidle. The Jays asked for J.D. Drew in return. If Lidle's ERA wasn't 5.00, I'd do it. I also think Drew is worth a Greg Maddux or Russ Ortiz. Let me digress: If Maddux wants to sign with the Cardinals prior to next season, they'd find the money. Fernando Vina, peace. Stephenson, pack your bags. Tino would take a pay cut. But I love Tino Martinez, so they'd have to keep him. Greg Maddux is the man.
And another thing: I hope they don't find any WMD in Iraq. I want to hear Bush say, "Oops! I really thought he had them!" That roughly translates to, "I needed some selfish reason to do it, since simple humanity isn't a good reason for some of my political foes." Ha Ha.
Right now, my beautiful internet radio station is playing "You Were Mine" by the Dixie Chicks. You're saying, "Why are you listening to those commies?" Don't lie. Because I adore the Dixie Chicks. Yes, I'm an arch-conservative who doesn't give a rat's appendix about Natalie Maines' opinion of Bush. If I got rid of all the music I owned made by liberals, all I'd listen to is audio transcripts of Neal Boortz. Geez. Anyway, I was flipping through the channels last night, and this Joe Scarborough guy was on. Ed Asner was blathering about McCarthyism and unpopular opinion. That guy wouldn't know censorship if it smacked him in the head. I think folks have been extraordinarily patient with all those anti-Bush predictions that turned out wrong. It's not antiwar, the war had nothing to do with it. Yeah, the media classified what Natalie Maines said as antiwar. She said she was ashamed our President was from Texas. Does that have anything
Journey is playing on my internet radio station. I love Journey, and I love the idea of all my favorite songs for free. There are some I don't like, but it listens to me, so if I really hate a song, I can tell it never to play again. My favorite song right now is "Bus Driver" by Caedmon's Call. I find Christian music annoying, but those guys are great.
Lance Armstong took the kiddies to the woodshed yesterday at the Tour de France by winning the fifteenth stage. He leads overall by 1:17. No one cares, you say. Perhaps. But I care, for three reasons: 1. I watch all sports; 2. I enjoy watching Americans being the best at everything; 3. I enjoy watching the French be humbled by an arrogant Texan (again).
June 11, Wow! I really stink at this! Finished Frank Herbert's Dune. I also read "The Lord's Supper" by Robert Letham. It's nonfiction theology, in case you didn't pick up on it. It's a great overview of all the different views on the Supper, the strengths and weaknesses, and the like. He puts forth the Reformed view of a spiritual presence of Christ in the sacrament, but not a physical one. The Westminster Confession mentions what they saw as idolatries and errors resulting from transubstantiation. (The bread and wine physically becomes the body and blood of Christ) A more moderate position is the Lutheran, consubstantiation, yet Christ is still physically present. To their credit, the men at Westminster were much less harsh toward the Lutheran position. The questions that a Christian has to ask himself is, "Are the problems of a physical presence valid?" Also, does the Bible require a physical presence? Or, if one tends toward the Supper as si