Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Straight Pride?

Our friend Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got in a few mocking cracks about this, and while society at large is apparently pleased with themselves in deciding that any and all sexual activity has the same moral value and meaning, it raises an interesting question: Should the rest of us--especially faithful Christians--celebrate "straight pride" in response?

I say "no." I have a couple reasons: Firstly, accepting the "gay/straight/other" taxonomy inadvertently sends the message that procreative sex between men and women is but one valid option among many. We do not celebrate the fact that we are sexually attracted in the normal way, but that this wonderful design is fruitful, intended, and a benefit to all of us. Calling it "straight pride" focuses on our sexuality and pleasure, instead of that sexuality's purpose.

Secondly, even as we say that these Pride events celebrate a false anthropology that is contrary to humanity's purpose, there is no reason to be unnecessarily combative. LGBT+ identifying individuals already think that we hate them. Some traditionally Catholic responders are committed to using the most inflammatory terms possible, almost as if they have to prove their zeal to others among their fellows. I know about being the guy who thinks he's being pushed to speak the truth that others won't; it is indeed part of how I lean into the world. Believe it or not, some people think I am inflammatory. Still, I ask myself what I truly want in these interactions, and my answer is this: 1. I want people to understand what I am offering; and 2. I want them to believe that I love them, and want what is best for them, and all of us. To that end, I choose the words I choose, and not others. My interlocutors will never believe I love them if they are Them, if that makes sense.

As recent days make abundantly clear, I cannot please everybody, especially if I tell the truth as I understand it, and particular people are committed to hiding from that truth. Still, I really like people, and I want them to like me, as anyone naturally would. Maybe some people just don't like other people. I don't think in the end that such an attitude is particularly conducive to winning them over.