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Showing posts from May 25, 2014

Pride Of The Yankees

I'm going to the game tonight; Yankees and Cardinals. Everybody wants to see Jeter, and rightly so. What a career! Update: Derek did not play. However, the Cardinals were airing a video tribute in the middle of the 6th inning, when a huge groundswell of a cheer came up. The Yankees pressed their captain to head out there and tip his cap to over 45,000 fans in an opposing ballpark. He complied, and we cheered like he had been a Cardinal these twenty years. Great baseball moment. These are the moments that make it hard to hate the Yankees. I got pretty emotional before the game, actually, because I was standing by the smaller Musial statue, with its inscription: "Here stands baseball's perfect stands baseball's perfect knight." How good of a player and person do you have to be, to have the commissioner of baseball say this in a speech on the last day of your playing career? Jeter is tasting a little portion of that kind of goodwill, and every drop