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Showing posts from July 11, 2004
On June 28, I directed everyone to go to because there was an interesting story there. Might I even say extremely consequential story. It involved Justice Antonin Scalia reminding everyone that American citizens have a right to know with what they are being charged, even if they are suspected terrorists. Compelling for the possible impact on our daily lives, and interesting that Scalia would dissent from the other "conservative" members, the details are worth checking out at the archives of Instapundit, or the Volokh Conspiracy (legal affairs blog).
OK, I'm profoundly annoyed today. John Armstrong's Weekly Messenger is getting too political. Why is it important to find a chuch that is politically balanced? Why assume there's some sort of problem if the congregation votes overwhelmingly for one party/philosophy? That simply is a reflection of our political culture in the last 25 years. Take a solid base subgroup of one political party, then stipulate that such a party has been growing. I wonder then, what will be the results? People need to stop haranguing the churches for things that are not our fault. I will do the best I can to make a person feel at home no matter what they believe politically. Is John Armstrong the type of man who would stay in a church that did not share his poltics, and encourage others to do the same? I hope so, but the last few Weekly Messengers made me wonder.