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Showing posts from June 1, 2014

Thoughts On The Day

5. A TV show described as, "wickedly unrestrained" is not one I should watch. 4. If we can waste our time ripping on wealthy athletes for their alleged lack of toughness, we're not doing too poorly. 3. Death, taxes, and Tim Duncan. 2. That awkward moment when your support for a jilted female friend becomes, "Hard to blame him, though; the new girl is adorable!" I'm just a guy. 1. I'm here to announce the Lindsey Graham Foreign Policy Anti-Corollary. Whatever Lindsey Graham says on foreign policy, I'll advocate the opposite.

Say What You Need To Say

There are moments in life when the truth is just sitting there in the silence, known but unspoken. Maybe we are afraid. Maybe we're hoping it'll get better. It may not, however, and How It Ought To Be is just waiting for you to do your part. Communication can be an act of love, even if it's hard. Silence can be the fiercest hatred. Be the kind of person who speaks love in truth, even when it hurts you. I love you all.

I Was Saying

5. Come on, these are hilarious. 4. I love the Spurs . 3. You don't have to trade Taliban fighters to get me; I'm right here. Also, my beard is cooler. [You don't have a beard right now.--ed.] But I could, and my beard in potency is better than most. 2. This guy owns me. I'm sorry. But not. 1. Awesome.  I was at one of those White Elephant gift parties years ago, and I got a Hall & Oates album on cassette. Now, I'm not as big a Hall & Oates fan as some of my readers, (ahem) but suffice it to say, I don't think I'd give their music as a joke. Are you kidding? I said so at the time.

I'm No Expert

5. That Daryl dude can still sing. 4. When you force me to say, "I agree completely with Mark Shea," something is very wrong . 3. When Ralph Nader starts making sense... 2. RALPH NADER! 1. But no, seriously. WHO STOLE THE ANTIPHONS?

Gift Of Finest Wheat

I sit here just a few hours before evening Mass. I heard a thing a few days ago that Christ's Eucharistic presence is greater than when He walked on the Earth prior to His paschal mystery. I'm not a good enough theologian to defend or debate it, but it just might be true. Have you ever been in a jam? I mean, a spiritual jam? There is a habit of sin or something, and you go to Confession believing this is the time you'll be asked to leave and not come back. If you are blessed, it never happens that way. Papa asked the priests not to berate people, and at least I can say my shepherds have taken his counsel. I'm the sort of person who is harder on himself than anyone else would be. I left that place, I did my penance, and I stayed there with the Lord for some time. If I could only make it to Mass to receive You worthily, I thought. If I could only see Him, to feel His love for me in the difficult moments! That's the thing, isn't it? Because our temptations seem