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Showing posts from April 6, 2003
Hey! Hold on! If you were a hot dog, would ya eat yourself? I know I would. I’d be delicious…Oh, sorry. I forget sometimes that I’m not Harry or Will. Regardless, I love hot dogs. I’ll probably get 100 e-mails about how unhealthy, bad for the environment, and un-American they are. They’re the next target after some people succeed in convincing us that SUVs are from Satan. Or at least they know Jesus wouldn’t drive one. I forgot that there’s no Satan in that worldview, because there’s no Hell. “Too many bad vibes, man.”
Hello to the three people who read this blog. I can't figure out what I'll write for my second Religious Studies paper. Those smart-alecs out there who said, "Jesus?" are positively brilliant. We know that part. But which aspects of Him shall I write about? I was thinking of sheep. Sheep are mean, and gross. Not to mention stupid. And that context sheds a different light on John 10. People have this mental image maybe of these cute, happy, well-mannered sheep. Oh, no friends. You'd have to say it's an apt discription of Jesus' followers, if A) you know anything about the apostles, and B) If you're a Christian, and you know yourself.