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5 Thoughts On "The People Speak" on The History Channel 5. This format is awesome. How anyone could be bored with history hearing the voices of important figures is anyone's guess. 4. We need to face up to our national history, our failures (especially) with respect to black Americans, women, and Native Americans with a special courage, even if it isn't the whole story. 3. Huge failure of the presentation: No discussion of the means to acquire "justice": whether the advocated means actually achieve those ends, whether the cause (and the means) is always just, and if there is any coherent relation between the demands of the aggrieved, and our mutual continuance in liberty. In other words, is every victim of "oppression" worthy of my support? What are the goods in tension? Do you assume that your earnestness vindicates your political program automatically? 2. This history of the country is every leftist hero that they could find, read by every leftis
5 Complimentary Things I Have To Say About Mathison's " The Shape of Sola Scriptura " 5. It's definitely a page-turner, no matter what else we say. [Doesn't that make it sound like a seedy Dan Brown thriller?--ed.] Maybe! Still... 4. It's good enough that it deserves a book-length answer. Some people write book-length retorts when pride is at stake, but this one pushes the conversation forward. 3. Most of the circles I run in immediately recognize and deny "solo Scriptura." ("Me and my Bible") 2. I agree and affirm that Christians should be unapologetically and unflinchingly creedal. 1. I'll fight with anyone willing to dispel historical ignorance.
Spotty internet the last day or so has been mine, so I figure I owe you, me, and everyone a list. Or even two. So without further ado: 5 Lessons Learned From A Somber Day 5. Even NFL stars in the prime of life can die suddenly. RIP Chris Henry. 4. One thing I would do if I had a wife who went missing: cooperate. Cooperate with the police until they were sick of me. And do what I had to do to keep my father-in-law on my side. 3. This economy sucks, and it won't get better until we're not fighting a huge, expensive war on three fronts. 2. If I were the best in my field at something, and I were prevented from doing it for 3.5 years on trumped-up political charges--during the best years--I'd still be angry even after I had returned, earning the respect, apologies, and adulation of everyone. 1. "It's been a long December, and there's reason to believe/Maybe this year will be better than the last."
5 Random, Disconnected Humor Bites for Today 5. Despite my antipathy for adverbs, (possible rant forthcoming, once I figure out why) I like the word 'consequently.' Is it an adverb? It has the 'ly' ending. I dunno. 4. I don't need to have a movie to eat microwave popcorn. 3. Poor Fredo. Pop obviously gave the family business to Michael because Fredo is stupid. Of course, most stupid people don't think they're stupid. Fredo was in denial. But what's weird is, we get no explanation why he's stupid. We get a scene where little Fredo gets pneumonia as a baby. But he isn't mentally challenged, is he? 2. I finished off that bottle of Coke Zero like I had sorrows to drown! 1. I think the Phillies gave up too much in the trade for Roy Halladay . Cliff Lee is almost as good, and younger (though not as much as I thought). But Halladay is "BA" as my brother would say, and yes, his baseball card/stat sheet should actually say this. His nickname is
5 Thoughts After Reading Hebrews and Romans Today 5. In my opinion, Romans 3 is not speaking of an "alien righteousness" acquired by faith, (alone) but about the more full revelation of God's character in Christ, and his intent to unite the Gentiles to his people by faith in Christ. 4. Romans 1 isn't about "faith alone" either. 3. Hebrews tells us of Christ, the Mediator of a new and better covenant; I need to reflect on how blessed I am, as a Gentile, not to have to wait for something more. Eleventh-hour workers, eh? 2. The eleventh chapter of Hebrews is as good a summary of God's work in redemption as you're going to get in the Bible. Also, the faith of the "heroes" is definitely mixed with hope and works, which means love can't be far away. Consequently, I wouldn't be surprised if James was the writer of Hebrews. 1. Both these books use the word "saints" in what could be termed the "Catholic" and "Protest
5 Random, Disconnected Thoughts for Today 5. Did my BSF Teaching Leader brush off claims that John 8:1-11 didn't belong in the Bible by saying that a text good enough for the Church Fathers was good enough for him? Yes, in fact, he did. 4. I don't care about the Tiger Woods thing except to say that I hope they stay married. 3. I now officially hate MySpace. You have messed with my live streaming of music, and I will ruin your company by word of mouth for the rest of my days. 2. I would appreciate reading any Black or Latino theologians you might recommend. 1. Tommy Lee Jones brings a skill and charm to all his movies, even a terrible one like " Fire Birds " (AKA Top Gun with helicopters). But, I should add, " Top Gun " rules.
5 Intemperate, Cranky Thoughts on Women Inspired By Tim Butler 5. Time sure flies when she's having fun at your expense. 4. No, I am not at all sad you are single. You probably deserve it. 3. Be honest: You're all just as shallow about looks as any man, and the fact that you go to church changes nothing. 2. No, really, I don't want to be your friend. I have many friends; they're called men. 1. The biggest lie anyone ever told was that women are more mature than men. Enjoy the steady stream of wimps and jerks that logically follow that delusion.